Maj Oceanic

The Maj Oceanic is a brand-new luxury Phinisi yacht, built in 2020 with a desire to fulfil the dream of a floating palace. With her impressive 47-meter and 6-cabin display, The Maj Oceanic also has the biggest master cabin on the market.

Offering one of the best luxury experiences, this traditional hand-built Phinisi yacht was built by experts to deliver a unique experience.

The Maj Oceanic is the perfect combination of tradition and luxury, putting together the authenticity of Indonesian-built vessels with the modernity and comfort of a 5-star hotel.

6 Cabins
12-14 Pax

Maj Oceanic

Everything is made for the guests to have the utmost relaxing experience. With 4 outdoor chilling areas to watch sunsets, a dedicated spa room to enjoy a perfect massage, and multiple dining areas both indoors and outdoors, The Maj Oceanic has everything ready to experience the perfect holidays.


Yacht Type - Phinisi Boat

Length - 47m

BEAM - 10.5m

Cabin - 6

Guest - 12

Cruising Speed - 9-12 knots



Complimentary drinking water


Free Wifi



Safety Deposit Box

Shuttle Service



Snorkel in some of the densest and most diverse marine habitats in the world. Kayak and paddle into the sunset. Ride your jet-ski aimlessly and then stop by a remote, pristine beach to take a breather by simply watching the time go by.

Fitness & Wellness

Pastimes for Downtime Unwind and take the stress away without having to leave the boat. Relax with locally-inspired spa treatments. Practice yoga to the soothing sound of ocean waves. Experience the one-of-a-kind equatorial golf on the top deck of the ship, with the ocean as your fairway. The game's special biodegradable balls contain fish food, improving marine sustainability and biodiversity.


Port of call: adventure Immerse yourself in authentic and engaging travel experiences designed to deepen your understanding of the spots you visit. Dramatic landscape of fascinating volcanic structures, pink sand beaches and underwater canyons full of soft corals is a wonderful contrast to be included in your cruise itinerary.


We never stop researching to cherry pick the best of the best and tailor-make experiences to suit you.

It is impossible to account for those memorable events inspired by the potential of special locations that constantly seem to weave their way into the fabric of each adventure.

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